RECENT EVENT: BITCOIN MINING. Market Overview. Hosted by ICONIC Holding in collaboration with CMG


CMG cryptocurrency Mining Group – Iconic Holding


Webinar on Thu 8 October 2020
start 1800 – 1900 CET / 1200 – 1300 EDT



In this webinar, we’ll talk about the challenges and opportunities of Bitcoin mining, key issues facing the mining sector, its effective and stable policies, and new insights on the vital role Bitcoin mining plays for the Blockchain sphere.

In collaboration with Cryptocurrency Mining Group, Iconic Holding brings blockchain entrepreneurs, industry experts, and innovators together to discuss the latest market developments and trends, share their expertise about the latest important topics, and explore synergies together!

Also, will try to cover our favorite topic – financing options for miners.



Dan Held, Growth Lead at Kraken Digital Asset Exchange
Mike Colyer, CEO at Foundry digital
Denis Rusinovich, DDH / CryptocurrencyMining.Group
Jurica Bulovic, Director, Bitcoin Mining at at Fidelity Center for Applied Technology

– Moderator: Patrick Lowry, CEO, Iconic Holding 



CMG (Cryptocurrency Mining Group) – ABOUT US:

“Creating better visibility of decentralized systems in a centralized world”

CMG is a platform with in-depth expertise in bitcoin mining sector. We focus on growing our network among professionals and assist in expanding cooperation in Bitcoin Mining sector.
We see importance in building more transparency in bitcoin mining sector and establishing interconnect for miners, hosting providers, mining pool, mining hardware producer, mining software developers. Also, building a connecting point with professionals from legal, banking, regulatory compliance background with focus on bitcoin mining!


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CMG originally was founded in August 2019 as networking meet up group, in Berlin, by:

Denis Rusinovich and

Alejandro De La Torre (Poolin) 






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