Cryptocurrency Mining Network | Meetup as part of Berlin Blockchain Week

Please follow the link for more information about meetup on 23 August 2019


This is first networking event with pure focus on cryptocurrency mining as part of Berlin Blockchain Week.

anyone interested in mining: audience includes miners / mining pools / lawyers / bankers / hardware producers / mining software developers / research houses / crypto media and will be glad to see people from regulatory space as well.

1. short intro session from organizers of event

2. “Transformation of mining sector, new site formats, new locations, what else?”

3. Presentation on ‘What constitutes a mining pool’ by Alejandro De La Torre from

4. “Green Cryptomining: the value of P.O.W without burning fossil fuels.”

5. Joint talk on key highlights of the global industry trends / developments / risks

6. networking with beer and soft drinks to share views, experiences and future plans in developing ecosystem

Full Node Berlin


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