BTC Mining 2020: halving, regulation and new financial solutions for miners


Webinar by CryptocurrencyMining.Group Berlin on Thursday 16 April 2020

start 18.00-19.00 CEST ( 12.00 EDT / 09.00 PDT)




Thanks for everyone for joining. Apologies for being 15 min late with update increasing limit for # of participants. Feel free to reach out on any unanswered/additional questions


  1.  BCH and BSV halving not a reference point for BTC. Discussion on what to expect upon the halving in May for the mining pool landscape.
  2. Why BTC miners should pay attention to the new abbreviations: AMLD5, FATF, FinCEN, AML/CFT, ML/TF risks, KYC/KYT, CDD/ EDD. Is this a new evolutionary phase for the industry?
  3.  New financial products for miners via adoption of Hashrate and Difficulty derivatives.
  4. Q&A



Alejandro De La Torre, VP
Denis Rusinovich, DDH / CryptocurrencyMining.Group
Ethan Vera co-Founder/CFO for Luxor Technologies
Ryan Porter, Founding Team Member – BitOoda
Matt D’Souza, CEO Blockware Solutions / Blockchain Opportunity Fund
– Neil Van Huis, Partner & Director of Sales & Trading at Blockfills
Christopher Bendiksen, Head of Research at Coinshares
– Diederik van Wersch, Business Development EMEA at Chainalysis Inc





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